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Date ideas & suggestions


 Theater poetry classical music or dance performance

⚜ Taking turns reading poetry
psychology  philosophy  literature, pondering it and creating our own narrative


Picnic at the park ☆ near a lake or river

⚜ Board games and snuggling by the fire

Skydiving  rock climbing ☆ roller skating

⚜ Walk through a botanical garden museum arboretum

⚜ Go to a karaoke bar Salsa or Tango dancing

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"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances - if there is any reaction, both are transformed."


- Carl Jung

General information

The following requested donations are non-negotiable. A travel fee may be requested for outcall depending on distance. Please note that I have a 90 minute minimum encounter length for new friends. I have

I am generally available between the hours of 11am - 10pm and offer incall in Sarasota - less than 10 minutes from downtown.

I do appreciate any and all attention to making yourself physically presentable and attractive, and have a strong preference for men who don't wear any cologne or other fragrance.


Magician (4 hours)                                             2500                                                               

Vision of the Sun

Mystic (3 hours)                                                  1900                                                      

Dance with the Devas      

Acolyte (2 hours)                                                1300                                   

Taste of Heaven

Disciple (90 minutes)                                          1000                    

Glimpse of the Beyond

Neophyte (1 hour)                                               700                    

Rite of Passage​​

  Last-minute extensions: +700/hour

  Organic 4 course meal personally cooked by your   muse: +400

  Couples: +200/hour


"Beholding beauty with the eye of the mind,

he will be enabled to bring forth

not images of beauty, but realities."


- Plato

Cancellation Policy: Just like yours, my time is valuable and limited. I request advanced notice if you won't be able to make it to our rendezvous for any reason. Dates cancelled with 24 to 72 hours' notice incur a fee of 30% of the total donation. Dates cancelled with less than 24 hours' notice incur a 50% fee.

No Review Policy:  I believe private encounters between two individuals are most honored when kept sacred, respectful and open-minded, certainly not when discussed - as is seen on some of the few reviewing websites available - in vulgar ways that encourage unhealthy behaviors and promote standardized expectations. Those websites could be helpful if reviews were nuanced feedback. Instead, they are usually full of graphic details and many of the reviewers give negative feedback for providers who won't fulfill their every fantasy, or who refuse to engage in unsafe or degrading practices.

While I'm always appreciative that gentlemen may want to talk about their time with me with others, I ask that you please refrain from sharing any explicit details either online or in the written word. As I provide the utmost privacy and discretion for my clients, I expect the same in return.

Special  Encounters

I live a nomadic lifestyle and like it better when my escapades reflect that. I am always up for domestic or international travel with at least 48 hours' notice. Some prime destinations I'd gladly visit with you include Costa Rica, Hawaii, Berlin/Munich, Madrid/Barcelona, Vienna, Geneva/Zurich and Prague, although I will consider traveling elsewhere if you have an appealing offer to make!
Feel free to inquire for trip donation and/or business requests.

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